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Cleaning real hardwood floors in your home ES-SH-001-C | Safe Home Products, Inc
Home Cleaning Products Cleaning Kits Cleaning real hardwood floors in your home ES-SH-001-C
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Written by Safe Home Sam   
Tuesday, 25 November 2008 18:00

This home hardwood floor cleaning kit works as a wet mop, scrub mop and a dust mop

hardwood floor cleaner, dust, wet, mop, bona kemi, floor mop, hardwood cleaner, sh mop, cleaning laminate floors, mops, wood, floor cleaner, hardwood cleaner, hardwood floors cleaning, SH-MOP, don aslett, ocedar, o cedar, shmop, shu-mop, bona, scmop, schmopWashing hardwood floors in your home is easier with this complete hard wood floor cleaning system.  Housework is easier with these terry cloth mop covers that are machine washable and dryable. You change the cotton wipes  when dirty without putting hands in dirty mop water. This is a Complete Sh-Mop Wet Mop Kit with non-toxic Bona Kemi wood floor cleaner included. Contents: 1 Sh-Mop base, one extension mop pole, 3 cotton Sh-Wipe Mop Covers and one 4 oz. Bona Kemi hard wood floor cleaner concentrate . Keeps hardwood flooring streak-free clean. Non-toxic wood cleaner is safe for all polyurethane wood floor finishes. Add dust mop covers for every day maintenance. We also sell Bona Kemi floor cleaners for laminate, stone, marble, linoleum and ceramic tile.

Sh-Mop (SHine-MOP) is 3 Floor Mops in 1:
  1. WET MOP : Easy floor cleaning of marble, tile, wood and vinyl flooring with dampened 100% cotton terry cloth Sh-Wipe covers or Bona Kemi 100% micro fiber covers.
  2. SCRUB MOP: Use the Sh-Mop's nylon scrub pad base to loosen dirt on marble, tile or vinyl flooring. Clean grooves in tile or textured vinyl flooring with a wet optional Sh-Duster cotton looped cover.
  3. DUST MOP: Use the Shmop to dust floors and walls. Choose a cotton looped dust mop cover, an acrylic looped duster cover or a microfiber cover.
Sh Mop is the fast, economical, sanitary way to clean houses and offices. The lightweight, sturdy business size base is 8 by 15 inches. Low profile and sturdy swivel design for hard-to-reach areas. Highly absorbent, machine washable cotton Sh-Wipes, looped Sh-Dusters and microfiber covers fit snugly over the scrub pad base.

Using the Sh mop is like hand-wiping floors with a towel. No streaks. No sour odors from stored string mops or sponge mops. Store Sh-Mop without a cover. Machine wash dirty covers.

Scrub grimy outside window glass or walls with your Sh-Mop. For windows, use squeegee and micro-fiber cleaning cloths to finish..

The Sh Mop is the most effective, economical and sensible mop available. Professional cleaning persons view the SH-MOP as an essential "tool of the trade"

Key Benefits:
  1. Clean large surfaces in one third the time of a mop and bucket...wet covers in a bucket, wring out one at a time, place on the swivel base, spray cleaner on cover or floor and mop.
  2. Uses washable 100% heavy terry cloth cotton elasticized bonnets or 100% micro fiber mop covers for streak free cleaning. Washable covers means your Sh-Mop is always sanitary.

In 1993, I found the Sh-Mop in a magazine article. I tried string and sponge mops. My new house always had streaked vanilla colored ceramic tile floors. I sent in a check for $38.50 for pole, 3 terry covers and a bottle of floor cleaner.

Three weeks later, the Sh-Mop arrived. I told my neighbors about this mop that left cleaned floors fast and left shining floors without streaks. Soon everyone in the neighborhood had a Sh-Mop.

The Sh-Mop is a great gift for those with everything but daily maid service. After I began Safe Home Products in 1999, I chose the Sh Mop as my first product. My elderly mom in Leechburg, PA was a regular customer who gifted many friends. Her cleaning woman soon insisted all her clients buy Sh-Mops.

Safe Home Products ships Sh-Mops within 2 to 3 business days. And our basic Sh Mop sells for under $15. And when the covers wear out, replace them. To refurbish my original Sh-Mop, I changed the scrub pad last year.
Home Cleaning Suggestions:
  • For large homes with kids or dogs, buy about 10 cotton Sh-Wipes or one cover for about 50 square feet if your floors are truly dirty.
  • For a quick floor cleaning, use microfiber mop covers.
  • Use two buckets, one for clean and one for dirty covers.
  • For wood or laminate floors: Spray BonaKemi non-toxic neutral cleaners on mop or floor so Sh-Mop glides easily. Do not over wet.
  • Safe Home Products features the Sh-Mop and 6 different covers: Sh-Wipes, Sh-Duster Acrylic, Sh-Duster Cotton, Sh-Wooly, Sh-Micro and the Bona micro fiber covers. We also sell Bona Kemi Laminate and Hardwood Floor Cleaners, Bona Kemi MicroPlus Mops, and Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Refresher. For fast dusting, cleaning, and polishing, add micro fiber dusters, dust cloths and dust mitts.

Complete green floor cleaning kit

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