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House Cleaning for home and business House Cleaning for consumers and house cleaning services. A cleaner house is a safe home. Hardwood floor and window cleaning maintenance http://cleanerhouse.com/component/content/frontpage Sun, 31 May 2020 15:51:38 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Bathtub backaches are gone http://cleanerhouse.com/clean-by-room/bathrooms/130-bathtub-backaches-are-gone Tired of getting backaches after getting on you hands and knees to clean the tub? Here’s a quick and easy way to clean the tub and say good-bye to the backaches. Make a solution of water and a degreasing liquid detergent in a spray bottle Take all the soap bars, hair shampoo,conditioner bottles out of the tub which will make it faster and easier to clean the tub. Spray the complete tub with the degreaser/ water solution and let it set for about 10 minutes. Spray the head of the Sh-mop with some of the solution and then wash the tub with the Sh-mop. The Sh-mop is easy to use and flexible enough to get into the corners of the tub. Rinse the tub and rinse the Sh-mop head with warm water. This quick and easy and keeps from getting that grimy soap build up in the tub.

frontpage Wed, 14 Jan 2009 21:19:22 +0000
House cleaning motivation http://cleanerhouse.com/consumer-section-main/129-house-cleaning-motivation House cleaning is done by a variety of personalities. First there is the Neat freak, who needs to have everything spotless clean and spends hours doing just that, getting everything spotless. They love to clean and get great satisfaction out of keeping their house perfect. In some cases its therapy for them. They get a great sense of accomplishment out of cleaning the house.

Next we have the crisis cleaner , that person who has company coming in a week and spends the whole week getting their house ready for company. They don’t necessarily enjoy the cleaning task but enjoy having company and want to make sure the house is clean.

frontpage Wed, 14 Jan 2009 20:04:17 +0000
Tips for closing the sale on getting that next house cleaning job http://cleanerhouse.com/maid-cleaning-guide/40-cross-selling-strategies/128-tips-for-closing-the-sale-on-getting-that-next-house-cleaning-job Sometimes we only have one opportunity to close the sale and get that next house cleaning customer. Below is a list of things you need to have ready at the interview. Prepare this list and have copies ready to hand to the prospective customer.

We guarantee our work and if you are not satisfied with the work we preformed call us and we will come back and take care of it within 24 hours. This is the best guarantee you can have. It’s a 100% guarantee. Anything less just won’t get you the job.

State how long you have been in business and if only a short time explain that you are new and eager to please and have experience in house cleaning.

frontpage Wed, 14 Jan 2009 19:52:33 +0000
Microwaves cleaned with ease http://cleanerhouse.com/clean-by-room/kitchen/127-microwave-magic-clean Cleaning the microwave does not have to be dificult. Follow these easy steps and clean your microwave oven with ease!microfiber, microfiber cloths, micro fiber cloths, micro fiber, cleaning cloths, dust cloths, starfiber, bona kemi, bonakemi, dusting cloths, miracle cloths


  1. Put some water in a bowl
  2. Mix in some vinegar
  3. place in the microwave and hit reheat or auto.
  4. When done dispose of the water
  5. wipe down the insides with your MicroPlus Starfiber Scrub and Clean Cloth
  6. Your done! No smell and the grime comes right off as the moisture from steam loosens its grip.

Was that not the easiest trick?

Check out other posts on quick cleaning tips in your home.

frontpage Mon, 12 Jan 2009 22:07:45 +0000
Green Cleaning For Dummies® Directs Homeowners to Organic, Non-toxic, Sustainable Resources http://cleanerhouse.com/the-news/126-green-cleaning-for-dummiesr-directs-homeowners-to-organic-non-toxic-sustainable-resources Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) January 1, 2009 -- Adapting green cleaning solutions is one easy way for an individual to help the environment while reducing toxic chemicals and excess waste in the home. For those looking for a simple guide, Green Cleaning For Dummies® (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 978-0-470-39106-8; $16.99) provides sustainable and healthy solutions for every room in the house--from the kitchen and bathroom to the laundry room and garage.

frontpage Mon, 05 Jan 2009 16:23:28 +0000
SoyClean BBQ Grill Cleaner - SC-BBQ http://cleanerhouse.com/cleaning-products/cleaners/119-soyclean-bbq-grill-cleaner-sc-bbq Click here for more InformationMade in Iowa, USA, SoyClean BBQ Grill Cleaner is a 100% natural soy based, non-toxic product that works hard to remove the toughest buildups on your barbecue's cooking surfaces. Use SoyClean Grill Cleaner as an effective commercial grill cleaner and electric grill cleaner. It softens and loosens the soiled surfaces for removal of char, grease and burnt residue. Simply spray on and wipe away the grease and grime!

BBQ Grill Cleaner Product Details:
  • Low volatility with no hazardous vapors or fumes
  • Soap and water clean up
  • USDA approved for use in meat processing facilities, restaurants, deli's and cafeterias
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-abrasive
  • Effective cleaning for:
    • Barbeque cookers
    • Smokers
    • Grills
    • Stoves
    • Foreman Grills
    • Webber Grills
    • Holland Grills
    • Utensils
    • Pots and pans
  • Made in Iowa, USA ]]> frontpage Sun, 28 Dec 2008 22:13:33 +0000 Bona Kemi FloorGards Furniture Protectors ES-BK-1460 http://cleanerhouse.com/cleaning-products/floor-guards/79-bona-kemi-floorgards-furniture-protectors-es-bk-1460 hardwood floor, laminate floor, wood flooring, bona kemi, ceramic tile, marble, slate, floor protection, best cleaner floor hardwood, best mop, bona chemi, ceramic cleaner stove top, ceramic cooktop cleaner, chrome clean, clean counter granite, clean counter granite top, clean countertops granite, clean formica, clean house tip, clean linoleum, clean sink stainless steel, clean stainless steel appliance, cleaner floor neutral, cleaner formica, cleaner linoleum, cleaners nontoxic, cleaning floor gym, old, linoleum, shower tile, vinyl floor, dry mop, floor cleaners, scrubbing, flooring, hardwood floor cleaners, finish, hardwood floor refinish, refinishing, repair, hardwoodfloor, hardwoodflooring, helpful household hint, home cleaning supply, tip, house, household, housekeeping equipment, guard, guards, cleaners, non toxic, polyurethane, floors, vinyl, washing walls, wet mop, wonder mop, wood floor cleaners, maintenance, polish, restoration, restorerBona Kemi Wood Floor Guards for Furniture

    Protect hard wood floors from scratches from furniture legs. Each package of  Bona wood floor guards contains 16 durable 1" self-adhesive felt pads. Peel off the paper and use on tables, chairs, appliances and more to keep hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic tile and other hard surfaces free from scratches from furniture legs.

    ]]> frontpage Sun, 28 Dec 2008 15:57:58 +0000 Get a Grip On® Slippery Floors SS0004 http://cleanerhouse.com/cleaning-products/grip-on-anti-slip/76-get-a-grip-onr-slippery-floors Reduce the risks and dangers of slip/falls on hard surfaces like ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, polished stone, terrazzo, river rock, concrete, and quarry tile. For ceramic tile showers or bathroom tile, use the 4 ounce bottle of Grip On® Anti-Slip Solution that treats 12 Square Feet. Grip On is a clear chemical treatment that increases the co-efficient of friction and the safety of the surface when wet. Remember you treat only the shower bottom or the walkway tile. Treatment takes minutes and saves  you from falling as your wet feet walk to get your towel.

    frontpage Sun, 28 Dec 2008 15:41:01 +0000
    Fast Floor Cleaning With Microfiber Mop BK3504 http://cleanerhouse.com/cleaning-products/mops/73-fast-floor-cleaning-with-microfiber-mop-bk3504
    mop, bona, kemi, bonakemi, microfiber, micro fiber, cleaning, kit, floor, dusting, wetClean floors fast with this environmentally friendly green cleaning micro fiber mop with peel off wet mop cover and dust mop cover. Choose the Bona Kemi STARFIBER® micro fiber mop starter kit for easier floor cleaning of both hardwood, laminiate, tile, stone and all hard surface flooring. Machine wash and dry the mop covers hundreds of times. Bona ® Advanced STARFIBER® Microfiber Floor Cleaning Technology means easier floor cleaning of both hardwood, laminiate, tile, stone and all hard surface flooring.
    The Bona Kemi STARFIBER® micro fiber mop starter kit includes one advanced STARFIBER® mop 15" x 4" with one blue micofiber rectangular cover that measures 17.5 " x 5 ", and one fluffy white microfiber dust mop pad. The telescoping mop pole extends to 58.5".

    Mop covers stick to mop base like velcro. Electrostatic action attracts dirt and allergens. Dampen blue mop cover in bucket or under spigot. Wring out and use to wet mop hardwood floors, laminate and tile or wash cars, trucks, etc. without streaks. Peel off dirty mop covers and launder in clothes washer. Or use either cover dry. Spritz the floor with Bona Hardwood or Hardsurface Cleaner.
    ]]> frontpage Sat, 27 Dec 2008 18:22:57 +0000 Bona ® Swedish Hard Surface and Floor Cleaner ES-BK-8168 http://cleanerhouse.com/cleaning-products/cleaners/68-bona-r-swedish-hard-surface-and-floor-cleaner
    Bona, floor, cleaner, Kemi, bonakemi, bona, X, swedish, formula, floor, cleaners, countertop, cleaners, laminate, cleaner, marble, mopping, mops, housework, floor, cleaning, hard, surface, non-toxic, corian, counter, tops, topOne gallon refill bottle of stone, laminate floor and tile floor cleaner saves you time and money. We bought up the last gallons of flooring cleaner with the  Bona ® Swedish Formula Laminate Floor & Hard Surface Floor Cleaner label and are passing the savings on to you.    Use this green cleaner, a water based environmentally responsible cleaner,  for laminate (melamine-type) wood floors and hard surface floors like ceramic tile, vinyl, marble and granite. Unlike all-purpose cleaners, Bona Floor Cleaners will not dull nor remove your floor finish or leave an oily residue. Works to clean stainless steel appliances and all hard countertops, too.

    Bona Laminate Floor Cleaner Features:
    • For periodic maintenance of laminate flooring and any hard surface flooring including ceramic tile, vinyl, marble and granite.
    • For spot cleaning of food spills and other stains.
    • Leaves no residue.
    • Fresh and clean scent.
    • pH neutral.
    • Nonflammable.
    • Specifically formulated to clean all Laminate, Ceramic Tile, Vinyl, Sealed Marble, Sealed Stone and Sealed Granite floors and countertops. ]]> frontpage Mon, 22 Dec 2008 23:06:54 +0000