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House Cleaning for home and business
Quickly Clean and Maintain Hardwood Floors ES-BK-3285 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Safe Home Sam   
Monday, 22 December 2008 16:51
microplus, mop, bona, kemi, microfiber, cloth, floor, cleaner, hardwood, refresher, dust, spray, bottle, hard, wood, starfiber, cleaningkit, cleaning, kitCleaning house is easier with this ecologically friendly floor cleaning kit. This complete hard wood floor maintenance kit includes Bona wood floor cleaner, hard wood gloss refresher to restore gloss on polyurethane finished floors, a microfiber mop, a telescoping mop handle, a micro fiber mop cover to apply the hardwood restorer, a microfiber mop cover for mopping the hardwood floors with the Bona hardwood cleaner and a microfiber dusting cloth. Launder the microfiber covers in your washing machine and reuse them up to 300 times. Absorbent microfiber attracts dust and dirt when used wet or dry.

8 Piece, Premium Swedish Formula® MicroPlus™ Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care System Features:

  • Full 360° Swivel, 4" x 15" Bona Kemi Mop Base with Telescoping 60" Mop Pole for fast wet mopping in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and anywhere in your house.
  • MicroPlus™ Microfiber Wet 4" x 15" Floor Cleaning Pad for Use with Bona Floor Cleaners
  • MicroPlus™ (9"x12") Miracle Cloth, a Floor Cloth for Quick Wipe-Ups.
  • 32 oz. Spray Bottle Swedish Formula® Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  • How-To Guide to Hard Wood Floor Maintenance.
  • 32 oz. Bottle of Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Refresher for Polyurethane Finished Hardwood Floors.
  • Hardwood Floor Refresher Applicator Pad (4"x15") for Fast Application of Hard Wood Refresher
  • Micro-Fiber Dry Dust Mop Cover for 4" x 15" Bona MicroPlus Floor Mop
Last Updated ( Saturday, 27 December 2008 10:56 )
Ready to Use Wood Floor Cleaner ES-BK-8165 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Safe Home Sam   
Monday, 22 December 2008 16:14
bona kemi, bonakemi, hardwood cleaner, bonax, floor cleaning, hard wood cleaner
This product works fantastic and is so easy to use.  Get the spray bottle and just spot spray or use for the whole floor! No need to get on your hands and knees to clean your floors and best of all the appearance is fantastic. The best way to clean your wood floors!
Pre-mixed hard wood flooring cleaners mean faster housework tasks. Bona ® Swedish Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner comes prediluted, ready to pour into a sprayer bottle. In fact, Bona Kemi even provides an EZ Fill Funnel with this one gallon bottle of hard wood cleaner for unwaxed cabinets and flooring.
Bona Kemi hard wood cleaner is a neutral wood flooring cleaner recommended for all types of unwaxed, residential and commercial wood, vinyl and ceramic tile floors. Anderson Manufacturing recommends BonaKemi ® for Anderson polyurethane wood floors.

Economy one gallon size. Specifically formulated to clean all polyurethane finished wood floors and factory pre-finished wood floors. Quickly wipe out red wine, dried spaghetti sauce, mustard, ketchup, and heel scuffs. Unlike all-purpose cleaners, Swedish Formula BonaKemi will not dull your floor finish or leave an oily residue. A waterborne, non-toxic, environmentally responsible cleaner. Comes with EZ Fill funnel for your 32 oz. spray bottle.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 27 December 2008 10:55 )
Elasticized White Cotton Terry Mop Covers ES-SH-002 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Safe Home Sam   
Monday, 22 December 2008 14:56

You can purchase Sh-Wipes cotton terry covers in 1, 12, 36 or 100 count. SH-MOP, shmop, shu-mop, sh mop, mops, mop covers, eco friendly cleaning products, shwipe, sh-wipe, schmop pads, environmentally friendly cleaning products

White cotton mop covers are terry cloth refills for Sh-Mop, Bona, O'Cedar and other platform based mops that clean hardwood floor, marble flooring, tile floors and vinyl flooring without streaks. Sh-Wipe package of Three cotton mop covers from Sh-Mop are machine washable and dryable over and over again.  Bona Kemi hardwood floor cleaner, laminate floor cleaner or hard surface flooring cleaners for non-toxic safe cleaning. Or use the cotton mop cover as a dust mop cover to dry dust floors and walls. Change Sh-Wipes when dirty. Never immerse your hands in dirty mop buckets again. Machine wash and dry covers, no bleach.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 27 December 2008 11:06 )
Natural Cotton Looped Dust Mop Cover ES-SH-008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Safe Home Sam   
Monday, 22 December 2008 15:06

Sh-Duster, dust mops, floor cleaning, cover, clean hardwood flooring, duster, SH-Mop, cleaning products, OCedar, shmop, sh mop, dust flooring, cotton, looped, shmop, shu-mop, shumop,Use this 15 inch by 8 inch looped Sh-Duster Cotton dust mop cover on the Sh-Mop, large Bona floor mop and all 15 x 8 swivel base mops. Use it dry as dust mop head. Use it wet with Bona Kemi cleaners for wood, irregular tile, laminate, or other hard surface floors where the longer cotton loops get into the grooves or grout to clean better than flat mop covers. Daily dusting of hardwood helps prevent damage by abrasive sand, soil and dust.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 27 December 2008 11:05 )
Mop with machine washable covers ES-SH-001-S PDF Print E-mail
Written by Safe Home Sam   
Monday, 22 December 2008 10:38

Starter Sh-Mop 15 by 8 inch base, pad, pole, 1 Sh-Wipe

hardwood floor cleaner, dust, wet, mop, bona kemi, floor mop, hardwood cleaner, sh mop, cleaning laminate floors, mops, wood, floor cleaner, hardwood cleaner, hardwood floors cleaning, SH-MOP, don aslett, ocedar, o cedar, shmop, shu-mop, bona, scmop, schmop

Be environmentally friendly with this large based floor mop with machine washable cotton covers, acrylic dust mop cover, cotton string duster cover or microfiber cloth mop covers. The Sh-Mop starter mop kit is a 3-in-1 wet floor mop, scrub mop and dust mop.

This starter Sh-Mop includes sturdy mop base, scrub pad, telescoping mop pole and one elasticized white cotton terry mop base cover. Use this mop with large 15 x 8 inch swivel base for maintaining hard wood flooring, marble, vinyl floors or ceramic tile floors. Never again put your hands in dirty mop bucket water. Change mop covers as they soil. Then machine wash and dry.


  3-in-1 Sh-mop Mop Features:

  • Easy floor cleaning of marble, tile, wood and vinyl flooring with dampened 100% cotton terry cloth Sh-Wipe covers, Sh-Micro microfiber mop covers or Bona Kemi micro fiber covers.
  • Spray Bona Kemi hard wood floor cleaner or Bona hard surface laminate floor cleaner on floors or bonnet for even better cleaning results.
  • Use Sh-Mop with elasticized white cotton covers for washing down walls before painting or as part of house cleaning.
  • Use your old cotton Sh-Mop covers and Sh-Mop with a mold killing or bleach solution to kill mold or mildew on unsealed basement walls.
  • Use Sh-Mop to clean tough grime off windows prior to using a sqee-gee.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 28 December 2008 15:05 )

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